Natural Balance Yogi Tea (Loomulik tasakaalu tee)

Natural Balance Yogi Tea (Loomulik tasakaalu tee)

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Ayurvedic organic herbal tea blend with Lemongrass, Shiitake, Licorice

Balanced, spicy, harmonious – a Yogi Tea Superfood highlight with Shiitake!

YOGI TEA® Natural Balance is a very special Yogi Tea – extraordinary, and at the same time as if we had never enjoyed anything else. Deliciously tangy lemongrass and licorice are combined with vitalizing shiitake mushrooms for a completely new tea experience.

The many valuable components of the shiitake mushroom such as minerals, B vitamins, vitamin D and amino acids can form a preventive support for intestinal health and well-being – while at the same time providing a great, harmonious, delicious Yogi Tea experience!



Lemon grass* (40%), licorice* (14%), shiitake* (10%), fenugreek* (10%), elderflower*, lime blossom*, basil*, moringa*, dried kombucha drink*.

* koostisained on sertifitseeritud orgaanilised

Sisaldab: 17 teepakki, iga üks 2,0 g.