Maca Chai Yogi Tea (Maca chai tee)

Maca Chai Yogi Tea (Maca chai tee)


Organic spice tea blend with Maca

Spicy, lively, stimulating - the tea for all those who want to discover something new

Yogi Tea Maca Chai is a classic chai with a special extra! Energy and stamina are provided by the superfood concept with the sweet, slightly toasty note of the Maca plant, which gives this tea an exciting dynamic. The other "hero ingredient" Guarana, with its tolerable natural caffeine content, ensures a fresh mind over a long time. Let this exotic blend invite you to discover new things and ignite your spirit of adventure!


Contains proteins, iron, zinc, magnesium, calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorus, sugars, starches, minerals and a range of vitamins.
For energy, stamina, fertility, stress management.


High but very well tolerated caffeine content
For energy and mental stimulation

Licorice*, cinnamon (27%)*, ginger,cardamom (7%)*, anise*, maca (5%)*, fennel*, cloves (3.5%)*, roasted chicory root*, cocoa shells*, black pepper*, guarana*.

*from controlled organic cultivation

Contents: 17 teabags, each 2.1