White Tea with Aloe Vera Yogi Tea organic

White Tea with Aloe Vera Yogi Tea organic

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Ayurvedic blend with Basil, Daisy & Turmeric

We all need a gentle regeneration of our inner energies on a regular basis. Likewise, the skin is the mirror of our soul and needs moisture. Lean back and nurture your soul with the pleasure of a cup of Yogi Tea® White Tea with Aloe Vera and its extraordinary composition of exquisite organic herbs and ayurvedic spices.

For Yogi Tea® White Tea with Aloe Vera, carefully selected white organic tea is combined with Aloe Vera, mild-spicy turmeric and delicate-scented daisy flowers. In addition, aromaticand warming cinnamon provides a fine, slightly sweet taste.

Ingredients: Basil (21%)*, white tea (19%)*, lemon verbena*, liquorice*, daisy (8%)*, jasmine green tea (green tea*, jasmine flowers*), cinnamon*, rosemary*, sage*, turmeric root (3%)*, fennel*, cocoa shells*, marshmallow root*, schisandra berries*, 200 times concentrated aloe vera gel (0,3%)*.

*certified organic

Contents: 17 teabags, 1,8 g each (30,6 g)