Himalaya Chai Yogi Tea organic

Himalaya Chai Yogi Tea organic

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Ayurvedic spice mixture

Himalaya Chai Yogi Tea combines warming ginger and cinnamon with the sweet flavours of fennel, aniseed and other ingredients to create a pleasant and harmonious blend to provide a gentle and subtile strength especially during times of challenge.

Ingredients: Ginger (37%)*, Cinnamom*, Fennel*, Anis*, Licorice*, Coriandre*.

*All ingredients certified organic.

Contents: 90 g lose tea, to be boiled.

Recommendation for usage: Take only about 1 tablespoon per Liter. Bring water to boil, then add the tea. Let boil on low heat for about 15 minutes, and afterwards give it another 10 minutes to draw. Longer and stronger boiling will emphasize on the spicyness of the tea. Then, strain the tea and add milk and honey as you wish - ready!