Ginger Yogi Tea organic

Ginger Yogi Tea organic

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Ayurvedic ginger, herbal and spice mixture

Ginger Yogi Tea is a true temptation for ginger lovers! A tantalizing blend of ginger and pepper lightened with lemon grass.

Ginger Tea is an incredibly straight and clear Yogi Tea, pure and without compromises: YOGI TEA® Ginger has a pure bite just as you would expect from real ginger. It is a lively, invigorating tea whose pungency warms the belly and warms the heart alike. With a little sweetness to tame the spice, it is a truly enjoyable treat, just like the ginger sticks our grandmother gave us. It is also very enjoyable when you add a little milk.

Ingredients: Ginger (62%)*, lemon grass*, liquorice*, peppermint*, black pepper (1%)*.

*certified organic.

Contents: 17 teabags, each 1,8 g.