Alkaline Herbs Yogi Tea organic

Alkaline Herbs Yogi Tea organic

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Ayurvedic organic herbal tea blend with dandelion, nettle, lavender

Discover your inner balance with the Yogi Tea Alkaline Herbs. In today's fast-paced world, it is not always easy to stay balanced and have a basic diet – yet taking good care about yourself becomes more and more important. The enjoyment of this basic herbal tea composition with the best of nature allows us to rediscover our inner balance. Wonderful, mild herbs such as oat grass and fragrant lavender give this fine Yogi tea a very special touch. You will definitely like to drink a cup more of it!

Ingredients: Lemongrass*, lemon balm*, dandelion (10%)*, nettle*, spearmint*, green Oat grass (4%)*, lavender flowers (4%)*, fennel*, carrot*, lime blossom*, birch leaves*, alfalfa*, parsley*.

*from controlled organic cultivation

Contents: 17 teabags, 2.1 g each (35.7 g)